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talking back

hearing from partner's voices

Partners of Transgender People
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One of the most active communities online for partners of transgender people
our significant others are not observers of 'our' oppression. they are not 'related' to our movement. all of our significant others are partners in the life-changing experience of trans consciousness and struggle
-leslie feinberg

welcome partners!

this community is an open space for partners of transgender people to share thoughts, be candid, ask questions, give answers, challenge each other and vent without fear.

we welcome our partners to listen respectfully to our voices. please be selective when offering insight or observation here - this community was formed with the intention to create much needed safe space for partners.

if you're new here, please post an introductory post about who you are and why you've joined.

here are some expectations:

1) be respectful of yourself, your partner, and of each other.

2) speak for yourself and your own experiences in your relationship(s). this includes being careful not to speak for your partner or their experience as a transperson.

3) transphobia of any kind will not be tolerated. please hold yourself and each other accountable, respectfully, around this.

4) the fetishization and sexualization of transpeople is not welcome in this space. this is not a forum to find a date. if you are hoping to meet someone, please do so by contacting them outside of this space.

5) be critically conscious of all oppressions and the way they affect your life and the lives of those around you ----racism, sexism, classism, ableism, adultism, and heterosexism to name just a few.

6) please post pictures with permission and behind a cut tag. please do not copy pictures, writing or artwork without the permission of the person who posted it.

7) membership is open in this community. if you have questions about whether or not to join, please post your concerns with your intro post for group feedback. you can be certain this group will share their thoughts about any inquiry.

8) be active! pose questions, share epiphanies and spread positive energy! this group will be what we make it.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a recent problem with trolls making disrespectful comments and otherwise violating this space, all new memberships will be approved on a case-by-case basis and only when the moderator(s) have found sufficient information suggesting that the member requesting membership is a person with a valid reason to join. Means of verifying this will include, but are not limited to:

1. Checking the User Info for membership in similar groups, and/or general information that shows the journal has been in use for a while.

2. Checking to see if any recent entries have been made to their personal journal, whether it be a "friend's only" entry or not.

3. Or, in the event that someone is not comfortable with having public entries or filling out their User Info, they can email the moderator(s) to let them know they are real and they do in fact, wish to join.

4. If you are a new LJ user, you must email the mod (at the email in this User Info Page) saying that you have just set up an LJ account, and are requesting access because your posts and friends are limited due to new membership.

If you request membership and are denied, it is likely because you have a new membership and have not emailed the moderator. Please do so and then request membership again.
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