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Hello, I am Sara and I am a 23 year old female.  I identify as mostly straight.  I recently started dating a guy and we fell for each other very quickly.  We haven't known each other, but feel incredibly connected.  Recently he told me that part of the reason his last relationship didn't work was because he was starting to realize that he couldn't marry the girl and have children with her as he was, that he was going to need to transition to being at least a partial girl.  He didn't tell her until after they had broken up.  I find myself angry at him for waiting to tell me, for not telling me when we started dating, for not telling me before i fell in love with him.   
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intro post

Hi  all, I decided to come out of the wood work and actually post something for once. I have been following this community for a while now.  I am currently madly in love with an FTM that I have been with for seven years prior to him coming out to me. At first I mourned the loss of the girl he was, but now I celebrate the man he is.   When I first met my partner I had my inclings, but I kept them to myself. I was afraid of loving as much as I do. He is going to be starting T in about 2-3 weeks time once the docs get the blood work done next week (hopefully). I welcome the changes and hope that it will make his life alot easier. Ok, I am probably rambling, that and I am sick, so my brain is fried.. so more later.
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mustaches and beards

so here the current issue. so i'm having trouble adjusting to my partners FTM transition, today the physical issues. so he's got this mustache and i dont like kissing him with it. i'm sorry. so i'm always making comments about it and want him to shave it. so the other night i actually came out with it seriously and said i dont like your mustache will you shave it. so he pouts and shaves it. then being all passive aggressive he keeps complaining about how his upper lip feels and i'm all like, then why did you shave it. grrrr. very frustrating, why did he shave it and why is he acting this way????
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Ok, so I know people have posted similar questions regarding advice on binding, but I have a very specific question.  My partner has a binder from undergear (very common binder) but he is very large chested, and has a very broad shoulders.  The binder is not giving the results desired, which is unfortuneate because it was purchased due to the raving about it that my friend had. My friend has had nothing but success with this binder, but he is large chested and very small framed, and the binder creates more of a wall, and works better for him.  My partner is having ok results, but not the results we were looking for.

Does anyone know of a binder that works well for those who are large chested and very broad shoulder?


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introductions are in order

Hi All,

I wanted to briefly introduce myself. My name is Adelisse, I'm from Florida, through currently living in Red Sox country, and I've been with my partner for 3 years. I mostly like to peruse, so I think that's what I'll be sticking to for now.

~ Adelisse
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Hysto + T or just T?

 My partner is 42 and I was just wondering...Wouldn't a hysterectomy and a lower dose of testosterone be safer than taking  a higher dose of T?  Then you wouldn't have so many conflicting hormones to deal with, is my thought.  What's yours?
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anyone else

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I was wondering if anyone else had a situation similiar or at least can give me advice. Right about now I would even take a 'everything will turn out alright' reply *sigh*

My partner is FTM and he just had his surgery last Thursday, a week from today. This is his third month on T. Anyways, what I am trying to get at is my partner is my best friend of 18yrs. We met when we were 12y/o. It wasn't until October of 2006 did she(she was out as lesbian and even I didn't know that she had thought about being trans before) confess that she had feelings for me. I of course had never thought that I would have a chance with her before because when she told me that she was lesbian, which I didn't realize that I was truly one until her and I started dating, she had already started dating someone and moved them in shortly after that. Well we started dating and it was intense and we ended up breaking up February of 2007 due to her running away from me. I had always made her be able to be herself. About a month later she came out to me about being trans. Well due to something tramatic that happened to her son in August, that brought us back together. Well during the summer she had gotten close to start to transition then freaked and tried to convince everyone, including herself that she really wasn't trans. Well as you can imagine, we got back together and it was intense again, but we did it right this time, took our time, and by October she broke down and told me that she was honestly, truly transgendered.

Well I love him very much and I am not turned off by him becoming male, physically, but as you all know, a relationship with a man is a lot different then a relationship with a woman. Now, not only am I having to adjust to the male personality, my best friend of 18yrs has changed drastically. Do any of you have a really close friend and/or partner of many years suddenly expressed that they are transgendered. How are you coping with the change? I am excited for my partner, I truly believe that he is my soulmate, but I won't lie and say that I don't miss my best friend of so many years, even though there was a great sadness to her, there were other wonderful things too that aren't there or changed now.

thanks everyone for listening,

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hello TG world!!!

hello friends, i am honored to be accepted into this TG partners LJ page. let me tell you all about why i had a sudden interest in this LJ community. i am engaged to a FTM for almost 2 1/2 years now, we live together in portland, maine. i myself am a lesbian and alsonurse at maine medical center here in portland. my partner began to take T in june of 2007 and has also had a hysterectomy. recently i finally talked to my partner that i have been having a difficult time with his transition since he started taking T. since i'm a nurse i give him his shots. him and i are so very compatible and very deeply in love. i am just having such a difficult time still feeling and wanting to be a lesbian and being with a FTM transguy. does anyone out there understand what i'm going through? your thoughts are welcome. thanks, christina
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