Carly Kai (carly_kai) wrote in partners_of_tg,
Carly Kai

The gym and gender

I 'm well into my seventh month of ful time life, an expression that sounds rather odd to me at this point as it's no longer an experience or a test or even a transition per se - it's just who I am.

I have been taking my beloved hormones for about 20 months, have changed my name and my drivers license and a few other bits and peices of ID all have my new name and thanks to the way things work in Canada, a F for the gender marker. My friends know me as Carly and the people at the gym know me as Carly, the girl with the pink boxing gloves.

Life is pretty darn good - but... I have lately run into a situation that I am not entirely sure of and I'm looking for so input from the cis-gendered females in the crowd. I use the woman's washroom and just walk in, do my stuff and leave like any other woman who has to use the washroom - no big deal. The gym, however is insisting that everyone change from street shoes to gym footwear in the changes rooms, and leave or sports bags et c in a locker in the changeroom.

I'm a bit uncomfotable with the idea of having to walk past people who are changing as I have this big fear that if they "knew" they would be mortified. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated and will probably help me get over this.


Carly - girl kick boxer, exercise junkie and all around happy person.
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