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Feedback please

W-a-y too long ago, I posted and earlier version of this pamphlet aimed at partners of trans people. Then life happened as it usually does and it fell on the back burner. But I've got a bit more free time these days so I went back to it. I've already run it by a few people I know in the real world but I was hoping others on here could take a look and let me know if there's anything you'd tweak.
Also: I have zero artistic/computer graphic skills. I want something on the front flap of the pamphlet but as you can see, left to my own device, it's pretty sad. Anyone interested in having a go at it is encouraged to do so. I'm not with any organization, I have no budget but I am hoping that once it's done it will be available to anyone who wants to take it (edit the resource portion as appropriate) and have it anywhere it would be appropriate.  So if anyone does want to lend their artistic know-how, I thank you in advance. It doesn't have to be anything along the lines of what I did. It was just all I came up with and could manage. I've got it saved as a pdf on my computer but it's being posted as 2 images. Can anyone let me know how I can upload it somewhere so people can download a pdf version? Thank you for any help and/or feedback!

Back side:
Future plans include translating it into other languages. If others want to help with that I'm all for it.
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