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Mod Post: Privacy

Hello everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, I made a post concerning some of the privacy issues that many moderators of various trans-related communities have been dealing with, and while I don't think it's my job to "babysit" journals, I do think it's part of my job to make sure the community is aware of what is going on.  Until recently, this community has not had the same concerns as some of the other communities.  However, that has changed.  As such, the following are reminders, and effective immediately, have made two new rules:

RULE 1:  Anyone who is found to have posted a locked, friends-only entry or the comments associated with said entry on any site within or outside of LiveJournal without the permission of the individual who originally wrote it will be banned immediately and reported to transmods as someone who behaving this way. 

RULE 2:  The new default post setting for this community is "friends only".  This means that if you wish to make any entries in this community "public", you must manually do so. You do this by editing your post once it has been made, and switching it to "public".

Here are the reminders:

Just because someone is a member of this community, does not mean they are an ally or a friend.  While we do our best and have not had many incidents, please keep in mind that if you are in any way worried about privacy, you should not post with an identifiable user name or photo.  I am more than happy to grant membership to people who create a new LJ, as long as they follow the community rules and email me ahead of time, with both their old and new LJ information.  You don't have to go into details about why you are here, but I do need to see that you are not a troll or using anything for malicious purposes.  Bear with me in that I am only one person moderating a space of over 1000 people, so if it takes me 24 hours, I am sorry. I usually get it done within a day.

If you comment on an entry that is "public", your comment and the link to your LJ is also public.  Again, if you are concerned about privacy, I encourage you to start a different journal for those purposes.

I hope everyone understands why these steps were necessary.  If you have any concerns, please contact me directly. My email is in the community user info.

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